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Charts buster uplifts Mlalazi’s spirit




RISING award-winning gospel singer Everton Mlalazi, who appears to be enjoying the purple patch on local radio gospel charts with his latest single Mwari Hamushanduki (Lord You Do Not Change or Thixo Awuguquki), says he is not into music for competition, but evangelism.

Mlalazi’s song, which features celebrated South African singer and producer Benjamin Dube, is not only dominating local radio gospel charts, but also making waves beyond the borders.

Locally, the song, which has an accompanying video, has been on top position on four of the major radio stations’ gospel charts for consecutive weeks, putting it on a better position for a contest at the forthcoming end of year musical charts.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, through his manager, Gamuchirai Mlalazi, the Vine Group frontman said he was happy to be fulfilling his mission to spread the word of God through music.

“For us, music is ministry. This is a way of evangelising, just like how other people evangelise through the Bible verses as ministers and pastors, but for us as a family, it’s a way of ministering through music, so it’s as a way of giving back to God,” he said.

“So, when we see the song Mwari Hamushanduki topping the charts, it’s not about competition, but it’s about having the word being spread and having the mission being fulfilled that we have spread the word across the corners of the earth.”

He added: “Our main reference is Matthew 28, so when you see people voting for you to be on top of the charts, it means that there are so many people listening and following the song, and probably they are also living what the song says, giving hope and being

With Mwari Hamushanduki, it appears Mlalazi is reaping the fruits of collaboration if the positive response it has received so far is anything to go by.

“There is joy in the camp as the response to the song Mwari Hamushanduki is overwhelming. I am happy and appreciate the support my music has received in such a short career,” he said.

The song comes after Mlalazi’s duet with another South African songbird and former Joyous Celebration member, Xolly Mncwango, titled My Father’s House (In God’s House) released early this year.

“There is nothing quite like it, when people collaborate to worship God. The Bible says when two or more are gathered in my name, I too will be there. Not only do we share our experiences in life, we share our gift on this song,” he said.

A member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mlalazi said it was a great honour to collaborate with Dube on the song and video.

“Thanks to Reverend Benjamin Dube for accepting my request to grace this song, I am really humbled to have been joined by my mentor on this song. There is a powerful ministry by the man of God,” he said.

The multilingual singer said the song Mwari Hamushanduki reminded people that God did not change from everlasting to everlasting.

“Yea, I (we) walk through the valley of death … He is with me (us). He fights for me (us) He protects me (us). Because of who he is to us, we trust him and we will forever trust him,” he said.

Mlalazi said the context of the song was also that someone in distress, chronically ill, in extreme poverty, abusive relationship, jobless and heartache was reminded about God’s promise that He will walk with him/her through whatever situation.

“God, who fights for us, who protects us, must be praised and worshipped for who He is in our lives,” he said.

Mlalazi said his music was available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.

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